St Dalfour

100% from Fruit. 100% St. Dalfour.

Carefully following a French family recipe, St. Dalfour Fruit Spreads are handmade in the Aquitaine region of France, near Bordeaux. This region, in the south-west of France, is renowned for its vineyards, as well as its rich fruit-growing “terroir”.
Our Maître Confiturier slowly cooks hand-picked and meticulously selected and sourced fruit together with vineyard-ripened grapes and fruit juices in traditional French kettles. Although it is slow and expensive, our local French method of small batch production results in the finest, best-tasting fruit spread in the world.

We hope you enjoy. Bon appétit!

St. Dalfour story starts over 100 years ago
in the French countryside in a valley that is known
for its vineyards, fertile soils and friendly people.
Twenty-one delicious fruit spreads
including our two newest flavors:
Apple & Cinnamon and Mango & Passion Fruit.

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