St Dalfour

Our Story

begins over a century ago in the French countryside…

St. Dalfour’s story starts in the French countryside during the First World War, where so many were faced with extreme limitations in basic foods. To make do, friends relied on each other’s generosity. Such a friend was a neighboring Winegrower who gave our founder’s grandmother grape “must”, a sweet byproduct of wine making, to use as a substitute for the white sugar that was in limited supply.

Grandmother worked with the vineyard grape juice and refined these “sugar-less” recipes. The result was a healthier, more delicious fruit spread that became the family favorite. Years later, with the encouragement of some enterprising friends, these family favorites were brought to market. Our French made fruit spreads are now served in over 100 countries.

Today we apply this same love and commitment to all our spreads. Our Maître Confiturier (Master Chef) slowly cooks our meticulously selected fruit together with vineyard ripened grapes and fruit juices in traditional kettles. This French method of small batch production is time-consuming and expensive but it results in the finest fruit spreads in the world.

We hope you enjoy. Bon appétit!