NEW!!! From ST DALFOUR (France)

Healthy French Bistro

"Now healthier ingredients, packed in glass for freshness, taste and purity!"

Famous for its award winning fruit spreads comes another "Culinary Breakthrough" St Dalfour Healthy French Bistro a healthier alternative to some other prepared foods.
The secret is our all-natural Optimal Food Process where the food is packed under a very strong vacuum, which naturally preserves all the goodness of the food without the need for artificial preservatives.

Produced in France to the highest international standards, each variety is prepared by St Dalfour chefs with the finest ingredients.
St Dalfour Healthy French Bistro is not only convenient and nutritious, but satisfying and a healthier for you choice.

St Dalfour Healthy French Bistro contains no added preservatives, msg, nitrates, colours or artificial ingredients.

With a choice of 8 Healthier for you varieties which include, 6 Gluten Free, 4 Vegetarian and all low fat (Check out the calories on each label). For extra confidence we have also added the Australian Health Star Rating values between 4 and 5 stars. Each 200g Jar contains a balanced serve of wholesome ingredients. Just open eat or open and heat the choice is yours. Remove lid and microwave for 45 secs or more if needed and there's no need for refrigeration until opened and then use within 2 days. Healthy French Bistro provides a convenient meal choice for anytime, anywhere and on any occasion.

Just remember the name -

"St.Dalfour Healthy French Bistro"


St. Dalfour's recipes have been specially prepared by our chefs. Take a look and give them a try.

Our Chef, Rena patten

Rena comes from a Mediterranean background and from a very young age has enjoyed cooking a variety of dishes from the region. Following in the footsteps of her mother and both grandmothers where recipes have been passed on, refined and adapted to reflect Rena's style.

She regards herself as a cook, not a chef, and her dishes reflect her passion for Greek, Italian, French and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Whilst Rena has no professional training her natural flair and understanding for good healthy produce has enabled her to produce delicious and simple home cooking.

Rena has cooked at many food shows, tantilising visitors with her quick and easy Mediterranean style dishes. Rena has published 2 books and has previously written a regular newspaper column.

Rena Patten has just published her new book Cooking With Quinoa - The Supergrain. Check web link.


St. Dalfour's recipes have been specially prepared by our chefs. Take a look and give them a try.